Facebook’s WhatsApp purchase under investigation

Facebook’s WhatsApp purchase under investigation

It has been six months since social networking site Facebook announced the acquisition of instant messaging app WhatsApp, and still the deal has not been signed off by the authorities.

The European Union is currently investigating the reasons behind the deal, and deciding whether or not the network’s big money purchase of the popular messaging service is good for the public. It is expected that a decision will be made towards the beginning of next month.

Facebook announced back in February that it had reached an agreement to acquire the messaging app in a deal worth $16 billion, which is equivalent to about £9.5 billion. However, the move has not been finalised, as both parties are waiting for the European Union to make its decision.

In its inquiry, the EU must weigh up the arguments regarding the purchase, deciding whether it poses any problems to its citizens. The EU has the authority to demand concessions and – depending on feedback it receives from third-party companies that also supply messaging services – launch a full-scale review into the acquisition.

In terms of Facebook’s plans, Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of the social platform, has described the messaging service as the “clear global leader”. The company made this the first in a long line of purchases that will help it to adapt its reputation management strategy and become a more powerful online force, with messaging services currently at the top of its agenda.

It is not yet clear if approval from the EU will affect Facebook’s own standalone messaging software.

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