Facebook’s ‘talking about this’ stat

Facebook’s ‘talking about this’ stat

For site owners using Facebook to help with their search engine optimisation or internet marketing campaign, things just got a little more interesting. Facebook has introduced a ‘[number of people] talking about this’ statistic, which is now being featured on fan pages. The new feature highlights trends in a page’s popularity, using information gathered over the previous week to provide numbers.

The new feature, which was introduced at the start of October, sits directly below the ‘[X people] like this’ statistic on the left-hand menu of a page. The number of ‘people talking about this’ depends on a broad range of activities, including direct Likes, posts on the wall for that page, sharing content from the page and mentioning the page, among other things.

Facebook fan pages are becoming a standard part of internet marketing plans, with the massive audiences available on the social media site a major business temptation. A large number of site owners use such pages on Facebook as an addition to their site’s SEO, angling to attract traffic from the popular social media site back to their home site.

The new stat does provide those running Facebook pages with more data to analyse for their campaign, but there is a promotional angle to this feature as well. Much like the ‘[X people] like this’ feature, the ‘people talking about this’ number is an indication of popularity. While it is uncertain exactly how much influence these kinds of displays of popularity have on a Facebook campaign, obvious displays of popularity rarely hurt.

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