Facebook’s gun post rules to be reviewed

Facebook’s gun post rules to be reviewed

Social networking site Facebook has announced plans to change the rules it imposes on gun-related posts, after a group of mothers in the U.S. were among the people expressing their concerns regarding the topic.

It was confirmed that the social media giant will review and remove posts from users who “indicate willingness to break the law”, such as selling firearms without following the legal procedures of background checks beforehand.

The new rules governing the topic will see access to posts relating the subject, including the sale of guns and other regulated products, strictly restricted to those over the age of 18.

The social media giant has been under vast amounts of pressure recently from groups battling for policies relating to topics such as this to be reviewed, according to the BBC. The site may therefore have changed its attitudes and complied with the groups’ demands as part of it reputation management strategy as it looks to maintain its status as the world’s largest social media site.

Although it is not an e-commerce site, the site is often used as a platform to promote goods and seek out potential buyers. In a post on its blog, the company has said “people sometimes use our free tools to discuss products that are regulated or controversial.”

The company has revealed it has worked with a number of stakeholders to create these new regulations, which are expected to be activated in upcoming weeks and will also apply to posts on photo site Instagram.

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