Facebook voting feature returns

Posted on September 17, 2014


Following previous trails in India and the USA, networking site Facebook has brought back its ‘I’m a voter’ feature for the Scottish Referendum.

The social giant will give users from Scotland the chance to inform the rest of their friends that they have participated in the ballot this week; they just have to push a button at the top of their news feeds, which will then post a message highlighting the fact that they have voted. However, it will not inform users of the details.

This isn’t the first feature that the social platform has introduced to influence users to vote; last month, it announced that people over the age of 16 would have the ability to add a ‘life event’ to their profiles, stating that they are registered and intend to participate in the Referendum.

Elizabeth Linder, the European, Middle-Eastern and African politics and government specialist for Facebook, said the social network has seen more than 10 million interactions relating to the independence debate in the form of posts, likes and comments. She believes that those who see and discuss this topic will be more likely to vote.

In a study of these interactions, it is shown that the topic is discussed more by men, with 55% of these posts coming from males. It also suggests that there is no clear result, with 2.05 million interactions indicating a ‘yes’ to the campaign and 1.96 million indicating ‘no’.

The ballot will take place tomorrow.

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