Facebook tweak could hide “overly promotional” ads

    Posted on November 20, 2014


    A change of algorithm could mean that any adverts that appear too ‘salesy’ could be squeezed out of Facebook news feeds.

    In a move that may affect internet marketing from Liverpool to Los Angeles, the social media site has stated that it is following feedback from users, who would prefer to see more content from their friends. According to its own survey, many cared a lot less about seeing promotional content in their news feeds.

    The alterations to Facebook’s algorithm are due to take effect during January of next year, which may see posts urging users to buy products, enter competitions and install mobile apps become less common, even if a page related to the business or service has been ‘liked’.

    However, according to the social platform’s findings, the “overly promotional” content tended to be from pages that the users followed, rather than the paid for ads that appear at the side of the page. As such, this is being viewed by some commentators as a way to push companies into buying advertising space on the site, rather than being able to engage directly with followers free of charge.

    Facebook has warned that organisations that post promotional content to their pages may soon see their “organic distribution” diminish. However, the company stated that these changes will not lead to more adverts on the site, but will allow for users to see more content that is relatable to them, meaning that competition on the platform may become fiercer.

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