Facebook to target baiting, spamming and copied content

Facebook to target baiting, spamming and copied content

Businesses using Facebook newsfeeds as part of their online marketing strategies will need to be aware of a raft of changes the social media platform is making.

In a move to tackle the content that most users find annoying, it will take on spam, like-baiting and content recycling.

Like-baiting is a big target area, with posts specifically asking users to ‘Like’ a page penalised depending upon how the advert is interacted with.

According to Facebook’s research information, these stories are 15% less relevant to a user than posts with comparable levels of engagement.

Advertisers are able to have more control over the images used in their ads though, as these will be more closely aligned to the size of regular images. There will be fewer adverts however, which could create competition for the most prominent spots.

Content relevancy and quality is also being tackled, with the fight being taken to pages regularly linking to frequently used content. The actions taken could include having pages excluded completely.

A statement for the social giant said:

“People and Pages on Facebook frequently re-share great content, but people tell us there are occasionally instances where photos or videos are uploaded to Facebook over and over again. We’ve found that people tend to find these instances of repeated content less relevant, and are more likely to complain about the Pages that frequently post them.”

The steps taken will again be largely driven by the results of customer feedback and data collection.

Facebook has also said that spam links directing people to sites that are not relevant will also be hit.

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