Facebook to give users control of viewing page content

    Posted on August 17, 2020


    Facebook appears to be changing the way users view the content of pages they follow, giving them the option to control what forms of content they see.

    On Friday, social media consultants Matt Navarra and Akram Alodini shared what appears to be a new filtration system for Facebook users, wherein they can alter their ‘follow settings’ and choose the different forms of content they would like to see from a page on their newsfeed.

    As per Alodini and Navarra’s findings, users would be able to choose the following options regarding a page’s content:

    • Posts and videos: view all updates, highlights or none
    • Live videos: view all or none
    • Promotions: switch on or off

    There is also the option to add a page as a favourite, meaning all posts from that page would be seen in a user’s newsfeed.

    Facebook is also working on a new design for business pages that sees ‘like’ counts removed entirely, to be replaced with the ‘following’ count. As users can currently like a page but not follow its posts, this new design would be more indictive of a page’s reach and engagement, as it will highlight the number of users who actually see the page’s content. However, with the new content controls, there is some confusion as to what constitutes a follower – if someone only opts to view promotions, are they a follower? As of yet, this is unclear.

    Facebook is a huge social media platform, with July seeing 2.7 billion active monthly users worldwide, as reported by Statista. The potential reach and engagement for a business is vast, but realising this potential will only happen if content is effective. With these changes to follow settings, page admins will have to reconsider the content they publish and ensure there is a variety of different forms being posted in order to gain maximum engagement and reach.

    It is not yet known when these changes will be rolled out to all Facebook users, but for now, page admins should begin to re-evaluate their content strategy and prepare accordingly.

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