Facebook to automatically enhance mobile photos

Posted on December 29, 2014


The social networking giant Facebook has released a new upgrade for iPhones that will improve users’ photographs when they upload them to the site.

With the update scheduled to be added to Android devices in the near future, the enhancements will not be made to images posted to news feeds from browsers.

This is because the upgrade appears set on improving only mobile photographs, which are occasionally shot in poor conditions and then uploaded instantly. When posting from browsers, the reasoning is that the user would have already used software to enhance the image after uploading from their camera-enabled device, if they wished to.

The Facebook update, which is similar in nature to an existing feature on Google+ accounts, will alter photos in regard to shadows, light, and general clarity. It used to be an optional service on the social network’s mobile platforms, but from now on this will be carried out automatically.

After uploading the photo to post it on news feeds, the user will then be prompted with a sliding filter. By changing these settings, the Facebooker can then select a level they prefer or stick with the original light and clarity conditions.

It is thought that this may be able to help the platform’s users as they are on the go, as well as increase their social media experience. With photos proving to be a big boost for engagement on social sites, a number of other platforms are also offering enhanced filters, including Snapchat and Twitter.

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