‘Facebook taunts’ burglar jailed because of Internet

‘Facebook taunts’ burglar jailed because of Internet

If there’s one thing you should know about the Internet, it’s that it is traceable; it reaches an unrivalled number of people and what you post online WILL get seen. This is something that Manchester burglar Roy Boodle was counting on as he taunted police on Facebook that they couldn’t catch him – right up until he was caught and jailed in Manchester. SEO is a powerful tool, and even when you don’t know anything about SEO you can still end up falling foul of its affects.

28 year old Boodle, who updated his Facebook status to taunt police, became something of an Internet celebrity due to posts on various news websites and forums. Being a celebrity when you’re running from the law isn’t the smartest thing you can do, and Boodle’s face was also plastered on the police’s Most Wanted website. This is where he was recognised from, and promptly arrested.

At Bolton Crown Court Boodle pleaded guilty to three counts of burglary and also to handling stolen property.

Boodle also requested that 10 other crimes, eight of them burglaries, were taken into consideration by the court. Among his other crimes was the act of stealing a charity box from a police station that was collecting money for victims of domestic violence. The box contained just £12.

Det Insp John Mazzolai, of Greater Manchester Police, stated:

Make no mistake, Boodle is one of Manchester’s most notorious criminals and he has been a top target for the Bury division for some time.

To have him finally behind bars, where he can cause no menace to innocent members of our communities, is great news.

I wonder if he is regretting his arrogant boasts about being able to evade police capture, now he is staring at his cell’s four walls.

This should act as a demonstration that anything posted online, if posted correctly, can have a huge impact – even a negative one.

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