Facebook ROI better than TV ad revenue claim essential brands

Posted on March 23, 2013


According to certain brands of fast moving consumer goods, Facebook is now as efficient for advertising as TV ads, with a higher return on investment. The claims were made by leading companies that have used Facebook to build their brand. According to Nestle, 11 per cent of its Kit Kat sales were due to ads displayed on Facebook, following the launch of a campaign which utilised various media channels.

Nestle also provided some data to demonstrate the effectiveness of Facebook ads. For every £1 that was invested in the ads, £1.34 was generated in sales. The company also added that Facebook was the best marketing tool to create brand impact in comparison to TV ads and other online channels. As more companies learn of the recent success of Facebook advertising for fast moving consumer goods, the search engine optimisation strategy of the company will have to be re-considered. Erin Hunter, the global head of COPG marketing for Facebook said:

“As a marketer I would want to reach as many people as possible in a well targeted fashion and in a mass way. Facebook absolutely excels at that, because of the number of people we have, but also because we know exactly who they are.”

A cross-channel campaign was also launched by General Mills to market El Paso products. According to data, 27 per cent of sales were due to Facebook ads which were described as “the most efficient channel for driving sales”. A company’s SEO campaign will usually incorporate Facebook, along with Google and other social media sites.

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