Facebook reveals new Inspiration Hub

Facebook reveals new Inspiration Hub

Businesses, organisations and content creators on Facebook will soon be able to receive more insights into trending content as the platform rolls out its new Inspiration Hub.

On Wednesday, a Twitter user tweeted a series of screenshots that revealed the new hub, which can be accessed via the ‘Home’ tab in Facebook’s Creator Studio:

The new insights will appear on the right-hand side of the Creator Studio, and they will show users posts and hashtags from pages similar to theirs that have been popular in the last 24 hours.

When a user taps through to the full Inspiration Hub by clicking the ‘See More’ button, they can access a whole host of extra filters to explore content trending across the social network, with the option to filter content by region, content type, page category, language, a specified timeframe and more.

These insights will have significant value to those who manage Facebook pages, as they will be able to explore the types of content people are engaging with in real time, narrowing it down to their target market. In addition, the insights into hashtags that are popular within a specified timeframe will make it easy to get involved with trending topics.

What’s more, the insights are not just limited to Facebook – trends concerning Instagram hashtags can also be viewed, which will help those who post to both of the Meta-owned platforms.

While content performance on platforms like Facebook and Instagram largely comes down to the content of the post itself – including the creative and text – staying on the ball with current trends, hashtags and other interesting insights, such as caption length, will help to boost a post’s potential success rate.

Currently, there is no indication of when exactly the Inspiration Hub will be rolled out to all users.

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