Facebook plans to offer net access via drones

Facebook plans to offer net access via drones

Social networking giant Facebook has revealed ambitious plans to offer internet access to remote parts of the world that currently have no internet access via drones and satellites.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the site, discussed his intentions via the social media platform which put the company into direct competition with Google, who also plans to extend internet access through the use of solar-powered balloons.

Both of the online powerhouses wish to expand their audiences, and have highlighted that the course of action to succeed in this bid is to offer low cost internet access to parts of the developing world where access is minimal.

The social media firm outlined plans that will involve several solar-powered drones and low-earth orbit satellites. Invisible infrared lasers were also discussed as a possibility to speed up connections.

As part of its internet marketing strategy to connect the world, Facebook has already teamed up with telecommunications operators in Paraguay and the Philippines to increase its number of web users by at least 50%. In his statement, Zuckerberg explained:

“[…] we’re going to continue building these partnerships, but connecting the whole world will require inventing new technology too.”

In order to implement their plans, the social network has hired experts, in fields of aerospace and communication technology, from the jet propulsion lab at NASA to work in a Connectivity Lab that has been set up. Specialists from British company Ascenta, which created a drone that holds the record for longest flying unmanned solar-powered aircraft, have also been hired to work in the lab.

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