Facebook Messenger to open up to third-party apps

Posted on March 23, 2015


Sources have hinted that Facebook will soon announce that it will allow external companies to create software for its direct messaging service.

With the news first coming from Mashable, it was reported that the announcement will be made by the social media firm during the San Francisco-based F8 Developer Conference, which runs in the city from March 25th until the 26th.

Apparently, around 20 apps from third-party sources will be revealed along with the announcement, which should help the platform to get the ball rolling. According to Mashable’s source, it is not yet known how the partner companies’ software will fit into Facebook Messenger, although there is word that the scheme will likely be expanded to other parties if it takes off.

The news appears to fit in with the recent changes being seen to Messenger, which Facebook may be trying to turn into a standalone platform. In a move that could see it mirror the more omnipresent messaging apps already out there, especially WeChat and Line, the idea would be to make it more like a multichannel portal than a direct messaging application.

Another recent change made to Facebook Messenger was the ability to make peer-to-peer mobile payments, which will initially be rolled out in the U.S. This could help to facilitate internet marketing efforts through the platform, especially when combined with the ability for firms to design their own apps. Enhancing the customer experience, by bring more services under one roof, may also help to secure users and traffic to Messenger.

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