Facebook login problems

Facebook login problems

It may surprise some interested in internet marketing to know that ‘Facebook Login’ is actually one of the most searched for phrases on the Internet. In fact, in 2009 ‘Facebook Login’ was the fastest rising search of the year.

Is this because Facebook is badly designed and it’s very difficult to find the login box to access your profile? Well, considering that the Facebook login is on the homepage, very large at the top, it’s not that difficult to find. No, it’s probably more to do with the fact that some users, not all, are just too stupid for words.

This theory was given more credence this last week when Read/Write Web wrote a post about Facebook, entitled ‘Facebook Wants to Be Your One True Login’. This post ranked very high up on Google for ‘Facebook Login’ – as you can see now it’s currently #2, behind Facebook.

Not a problem surely? The website is bright red and has no resemblance to Facebook whatsoever. You’d think there wouldn’t be a problem, only thousands (and we mean thousands) of ‘Facebook users’ posted comments on the blog post complaining about the new ‘design’ of Facebook and that they couldn’t find the login screen.

Comments such as this post by ‘Toni’ have been posted on the blog:

now that you have managed to mess up the whole system how do i get back to login?

Read/Write Web found the whole thing hilarious, retorting:

We could laugh (and we did), but we could also consider that these are our customers and users – the people we make the Web for. How can we balance making the Web simple enough for all users while still creating tech cool enough to satisfy geeks like us?

They continued the next day, after much deliberation, and having reached the conclusion that Google was to blame:

Google had completely failed its users. It put us, with a post about how an AOL partnership foreshadowed Facebook becoming the de facto user database, above the most logical search result possible – Facebook’s login page.

Sadly, this is actually very common. Whenever a post is written on a website there will be someone who completely misreads the context, or indeed the identity of the author or nature of the website. We have seen posts written about famous people that are inundating with comments from fans of the said person, attempting to contact them as though they had written the post themselves! We’ve also seen posts about companies where comments or messages have been sent in trying to contact the company in question – even though the website looks nothing like the company’s own website.

It’s all down to SEO, and how the posts rank within Google. Blog posts can often outrank official websites for celebrities and companies, confusing some of the more ‘impressionable’ Internet users.

Now where is that Facebook login page?

  • What’s even worse is when you have spent 3 years building a profile, pages and groups and someone manages to get your login details and post random posts. The Facebook just turns it off so you cant login and everything is removed. They don’t email you to say there is an issue and just say you have be banned because you broke the rules blar blar.

    The bad thing is they don’t allow you to contact them easliy to gey re activated. So my advice don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I can’t be bothered now to go through getting all pages again, friends etc. Makes you relaise that it’s easy to loose 3 years of work on a 3rd [party site like facebook…

  • You wouldn’t believe the number of emails we’ve already had today from people who can’t log in to Facebook. Not one has been sent with a hint of irony either!

  • On Facebook, safety is an important aspect to consider when using it. Potential dangers should be prevented by users by being aware that though it is considered a safe place to exchange personal information precaution still needs to be observed. The privateness feature found on the login page or within one’s own Facebook customization options may be used to prevent access by unknown strangers and block unwanted scrutiny.

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