Facebook introduces changes to allow anonymous logins

Facebook introduces changes to allow anonymous logins

Popular social network Facebook has changed the way that its users can log into its apps, allowing more control over privacy.

It was announced at this year’s F8 developer conference, hosted by Facebook, that users can now log into the platform anonymously. The changes were made with the intention of allowing people who wanted to try the app before they signed up, or those who weren’t comfortable with sharing their personal information, to access the service.

Users who wish to remain anonymous will be able to browse news feeds across a range of devices – including laptops and PCs, as well as portable platforms such as mobiles and tablets – without the fear that their personal information, including their name and birthday, will show up in the activity feed on the site.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of the social network, has said that this initiative:

“[…] is going to allow you to try apps without fear.”

Further to this, it was explained that if users find that they wish to be associated with the app after testing it, they can log in using their real identities in order to personalise their experiences further.

Not only did Zuckerberg announce anonymous logins at the F8 conference; he also suggested that the site would likewise be improving privacy controls. According to Zuckerberg, this will:

“[…] make people more comfortable signing in to their apps and engaging with them.”

The changes would see users able to choose what information is made available as part of their public profile.

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