Facebook introduces relationship enquiry button

Facebook introduces relationship enquiry button

The latest feature to be rolled out by social networking giant Facebook is to allow users to press a button asking friends about their relationship statuses.

This new function allows users of the social platform to make this enquiry to those who have left their relationship status on their profile page blank. From here, the recipient of the question can decide whether to respond to the request directly, or share this information with everyone they are connected with and have it appear on their newsfeed. Alternatively, they can just ignore the request if they are uncomfortable with divulging relationship details online.

Facebook has been slowly introducing a series of ‘ask’ options since January this year, with users already able to request information including phone numbers, email addresses, hometowns, and employers. This feature has now been extended into relationship statuses. This latest development is already available to the majority of users in the US, and it is likely that it will be filtering across the Atlantic to the UK and the rest of Europe in the coming months.

It is believed that this comes as part of the company’s ethos, with Mark Zuckerberg – CEO and Founder of the site – suggesting that people are becoming more comfortable in sharing all sorts of information openly with a lot more people than they would have done in the past.

So far, this latest innovation has received mixed reviews, with some people labelling it as ‘naggy’ and an ‘exploitation of private information’.

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