Facebook Fan Pages and your content

Facebook Fan Pages and your content

Facebook has very quickly established itself as the most popular social networking website on the Internet, overhauling the once untouchable MySpace. Despite the millions of people on Facebook, the captured audience and the ‘feeds’ offering updates to all of your contacts, many business owners still shy away from using it for marketing.

Some go further and even ban their employees from using Facebook altogether.

This is a very naïve, close minded, policy as Facebook has the potential to be one of the lynch pins in your marketing efforts. By using Facebook fan pages you are able to create a page for your business and offer updates to your staff, customers and anyone interested directly via Facebook. You can promote the page with a link on your own website and can quickly amass a very healthy following.

The best thing of all is that it requires no extra work on your part as your content can be automatically updated by RSS feed direct from your own website. So whenever you write content on your site, your Facebook page automatically updates with the content, spreading the word to your Facebook users.

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