Facebook experiments with ‘buy’ button

Facebook experiments with ‘buy’ button

Social networking sensation Facebook is currently testing out a new feature that would allow users to purchase products directly from the service’s news feed.

The function, which will be trialled with users this week, would allow consumers to buy products from ads and page posts that appear in user timelines on the site, with the network introducing an eye-catching ‘buy’ button alongside the product’s image.

Users of both mobile and desktop versions of the social platform may begin to notice this option appearing on their feeds in the near future.

However, those who have expressed concerns about privacy and data collection do not need to worry, as card details shared with the social site will not be passed over to third party services and other advertisers, with the site providing an option to save payment details or not.

In an online post, Facebook explained that privacy was a big factor and that it has:

“[…] taken steps to help make the payment experience safe and secure.”

Privacy concerns have become an issue for many consumers of late, with many well-known ecommerce sites being hit by a number of cyber-attacks, including popular online retailer eBay.

As this feature remains in its experimental phase, there is a limit to the number of companies operating the service, with only a handful of small and medium-sized US firms being involved. Once the service has received feedback and is deemed successful, Facebook will then likely consider a more widespread rollout.

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