Facebook expands availability of Messenger Lite

Facebook expands availability of Messenger Lite

Social networking giant Facebook has recently made its slim-lined Messenger app available to more users, giving them the option to use the quicker and more efficient app. The company has expanded its availability to include the UK, Ireland, Canada and the US.

Messenger Lite is essentially the same as the regular Messenger app; however, it does not have some of the extra features of the app, such as Stories, games and gifs. By doing this, it is relieved of the most intensive aspects that run while Messenger is open. This gives users more save space and means they will use much less data.

The big appeal of the Lite version is that it requires significantly less data to run. This makes it both easier and cheaper to use, especially on bad or expensive internet connections, making it a godsend for those keeping an eye on their usage and monthly allowance. Lite cannot receive larger files such as photos and gifs, which allows it to keep data usage low and the connection fast.

One of the main reasons for Facebook bringing out this version of Messenger in the first place was to offer it to emerging markets, where the devices it is used on aren’t as sophisticated as some of those found in the Western world. As a result, Lite works on a wide variety of devices, including old and unsupported phones, unlike the full Messenger app.

As with all apps and services, there are some downsides. The main one of Messenger Lite is that some of the more advanced features from the regular Messenger platform may not work properly. Accounts will still have access to these features, but they will be unusable through the Lite version of the app.

Some may see this as an advantage though, as they may not want to use it for all the additional features such as the Snapchat-esque facial filters. Lite is purely a chat app, so is perfect for those who want to use it for messaging alone.

In the countries where the app is now available, people with an Android device should be able to download Lite straightaway through the Google Play Store. Furthermore, it is possible to have both the Lite and regular versions of Messenger on your device at the same time. However, users of iOS devices will have to wait a bit longer, as there is no version compatible with the operating system available just yet.

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