Facebook email move heavily criticised

Posted on July 6, 2012


Facebook has come under fire for changing its users’ listed email address to its own @facebook system – largely because of the low level of exposure about the alteration.

The social media giant has said the move comes in order to increase consistency across the site. However, in reality, it is yet another marketing tool to drive ad sales.

The more people who use the FB email system, the greater likelihood there is that page visits will rise, thus increasing exposure.

However, that there was little prior warning for users, has seen a quick and outspoken backlash. Many users, social commentators and SEOs and marketing professionals have called it an “annoying” move.

So annoyed in fact, that they have listed details of how to change details back.

The move in itself is not surprising, with profits on the line as outlined above.

The way the move has been implemented is surprising, particularly with public sensitivities heightened in regards to privacy and transparency.

The move was announced some two months ago. Yet it was caught up in an overlooked statement and not followed up. There were no later permissions sought to make the move, leaving many to suggest similarities between what Google did with its Buzz automatic opt in.

Things will of course calm down, people will make changes if they feel strongly and, no doubt, a handful of users will move away. In the long-term, the effort should prove successful.

Many will be hoping that the powers that be at Facebook learn from the reaction however.

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