Facebook comments to appear on Google search

Facebook comments to appear on Google search

The latest enhancements made to Google’s algorithm, or the Googlebot as it is known, will enable the Google ‘spiders’ to recognise comments posted on Facebook, or sites which include Facebook comments. Although Google has announced the improvements made to the Googlebot, they are aware that the latest development could make people wary of leaving comments on Facebook pages, however, Google won’t index any comments made on private pages of Facebook, including friends’ pages.

Any other site that has Facebook comments included will be indexed to appear on search pages, although they aren’t expected to achieve the highest rankings. The move has been hailed as a step towards dealing with spammers, as users can search for comments left by a particular individual or by specific words used in comments. In addition to the search improvements, Google has made its search results more timely. For instance, if you search for an event or news which is happening right now, it will appear first in the search pages.

A member of the search team at Google Tweeted:

“Googlebot keeps getting smarter. Now has the ability to index some dynamic comments.”

The move is expected to be beneficial to Google and Facebook, as the searches become increasingly far-reaching. Google also believes that an increasing number of sites will incorporate Facebook’s plug in for comments. As comments are expected to appear in Google search pages, sites that thrive on lively discussions could increase their page ranking. This is another move by Google which could affect a businesses SEO campaign.

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