Facebook bans Kate Middleton

Facebook bans Kate Middleton

Kate-MiddletonA Cambridge mother of three faced the wrath of Facebook’s banhammer because she has the same name as the future Queen of England.

Kate Middleton, 27, from Royston, tried to log onto her Facebook account to find that she could not access her profile, as staff at the site suspected that she was masquerading as Prince William’s fiancée.

Mrs Middleton was frozen out of her Facebook account for four days.

A quick search for ‘Kate Middleton’ on the social networking site reveals hundreds of people with the same name in Merseyside, Cheshire and the Home Counties, not to mention the rest of the world. Amazingly, many of them had their accounts suspended for the exact same reason.

Mrs Middleton said that the ban placed on her account was a real problem, as it was vital to the business she runs. In the struggle to feature high up in the search engine rankings, Facebook is a powerful tool when it comes to search engine optimisation.

Kate said:

“I emailed Facebook to say I was a real Kate Middleton but didn’t hear back for four days.

“I had no warning this was about to happen, so was not able to tell my business contacts who use Facebook to stay in touch that there was about to be a problem. I’m happy it is now back up and running.”

Mrs Middleton is already dreading the inevitable wisecracks that she will no doubt have to endure when the famous couple walk down the aisle in April. She said:

“I will be doing what I do best – getting on with things and running my business.”

“Things don’t stop because of a wedding, though I have a feeling that I might be stuck with the constant ‘how’s William?’ jokes for life now.”

A spokesman for Facebook said that they reviewed an incredible amount of content every day to ensure the website was safe.

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