Facebook announces new tools for group admins

Facebook announces new tools for group admins

Last Wednesday, social media giant Facebook announced a series of new tools it plans to release to aid admins of groups.

According to the social network, there are over 70 million worldwide active moderators and admins who run groups on Facebook. The new tools achieve three aims: providing a “one-stop shop” for admin needs; allowing easier moderation and preventing conflict; and helping to achieve a sense of community within a group.

Admin Home

The first tool, Admin Home, will provide admins with all the features and settings they need to manage their groups within a single space. Set to appear down the left-hand side of the group on desktop and as a separate page on mobile, Admin Home will allow users to find the tools they need via a clear, categorised layout; have quick access to members, comments that have been reported and posts that need attention; and access any future features.

Admin Assist

Facebook is also adding moderation capabilities to Admin Assist. On both mobile and desktop, admins can:

– Provide criteria that will restrict people from posting within a group – this could be set on the duration of their membership within the group, or the length of time someone has had a Facebook account
– Cut down on promotional posts by rejecting comments and posts that contain certain links – admins will also be able to feedback to the poster, allowing them to revise their post and resubmit it
– Make use of criteria provided by Facebook to help keep the group positive, reduce the amount of spam and resolve any conflicts that take place

In addition to this, Facebook is releasing Conflict Alerts. Using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Facebook will detect any conversations it deems to be “unhealthy” and will alert admins so that they can act appropriately. Where conversations may need to be slowed down, admins will have the option to limit certain members of a group from commenting and set a timeframe for how often people can comment on a specific post.


To help admins create a community feel within their groups, Facebook is also releasing new tools to help them understand their members, along with helping them to implement rules for their group.

The Member Summary feature will allow admins to see a breakdown of a member’s group activity, including how many times they’ve made a post or a comment, or when they’ve been muted or had a post removed.

When any content posted to a group is classed as a violation – whether that’s from the admins themselves or group members – admins will now have the option to appeal this. Facebook will review these appeals to see whether the correct decision has been made.

To help make members aware of the rules of a group, and to ensure compliance, both moderators and admins now have the option of tagging specific rules in posts and comments. If a member reports a comment or post to a group’s admins, they will also have the option to tag the group rule they believe the post has broken.

These new tools will help make group moderation easier for admins and will help develop a community-like feel within groups. Creating, joining and contributing to groups on Facebook is a great way of getting your name out into a community, and that of your business. If you’d like to have a chat about other ways to use the web to boost awareness of your business, give us a call at Engage Web.

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