Facebook announces hardcopy Yearbook

Facebook announces hardcopy Yearbook

Facebook Inc, floated on the NASDAQ in 2012, has announced it will be compiling and printing a yearbook style book of all its 1.8 billion members later this year. Yearbooks are very popular in the homeland of Facebook, the USA, and are issued to students of universities and colleges at the end of each year. Yearbooks are a memento of the student’s time at their school, and it’s common for students to get all of their friends and classmates to sign their yearbook before they leave.

Facebook’s yearbook, however, will contain 1.8 billion members, with an estimated 83 million pages. This means getting everyone to sign it will most likely several weeks for Facebook completists.

Facebook founder, and billionaire in his teens, Mark Zuckerberg commented:

“We originally designed Facebook to be a yearbook of sorts for Harvard University, so it’s a poetry of sorts that we’re going back to the original idea by creating a bound copy of Facebook’s members.

“As with all yearbooks, we’ll be electing a ‘most likely to succeed’, ‘most likely to get divorced’ and ‘most likely to marry a millionaire’ – as well as many other accolades.”

One of the most exciting parts of any yearbook in the US is your yearbook photo – and this is no exception with the Facebook yearbook. Facebook will be using members’ profile photos as of April 17th 2014 – so whichever photo you have set as your profile on that day is the photo which will be printed in the yearbook.

The Facebook Yearbook is expected to be on sale from June this year to coincide with the end of years at schools across the USA. The book should cost no more than $25 in America, and £20 in the UK.

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