Facebook Analytics to be axed – so what next?

Facebook Analytics to be axed – so what next?

Facebook has announced it is “retiring” its measurement tool Facebook Analytics.

The social network giant confirmed the news via an email sent to users, along with a post on its Business Help Centre. The announcement told users that as of June 30, the tool will no longer be available. The email also advised users to take the following actions in preparation for Facebook Analytics’ removal:

1. To make use of Facebook Analytics before it’s removed
2. To download the data from the tool to refer back to in the future
3. To visit the Business Help Centre to learn about its alternative measurement tools

In the help centre, Facebook highlights three of its other tools designed to help users understand and measure the performance of their activities on both Instagram and Facebook. These are:

Facebook Business Suite

This tool allows users to manage their business accounts for both Facebook and Instagram. Not unlike Facebook Analytics, it can provide detailed information and insights into a business’ content, audience and any trends. However, Facebook has also noted that the suite is not available to all users yet, but presumably it will be before the official shutdown of Analytics.

Ads Manager

Facebook’s Ads Manager is a tool that can be used to create, alter, view and track the performance of ad campaigns for both Facebook and Instagram. It’s a tool we use frequently here at Engage Web, as it provides all relevant information about the performance of Facebook Ads in one place, neatly broken down into a table. With the ability to customise the columns to your preference, you don’t need to scroll through masses of rows or columns to find the data you need either.

Events Manager

The Events Manager is another tool we use often at Engage Web, and it can be used to set up and manage important tools like the Facebook Pixel – a piece of code that allows Facebook to track the performance of your ads, which is vital if you want to run a successful ad campaign.

So, while some businesses may at first see the news and dread June 30, there really is no need to worry – the three tools listed above mean you can still analyse the performance of your content and ad campaigns with ease.

If you’re interested in investing in Facebook Ads or in building up a presence on Facebook, reach out to our team at Engage Web – we’d be more than happy to help.

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