Facebook algorithm change could affect businesses

Posted on April 22, 2015


A recent alteration to Facebook’s news feed algorithm has been designed to make sure that users see more of their friends’ posts.

However, the same software change could mean that updates from companies conducting internet marketing campaigns might not reach as far on the social platform.

It was reported that the modifications to Facebook’s news feed program came about as a way to make sure that its members were not missing out on important updates from their friends and family. With the average user potentially able to view around 1,500 messages that have been posted by their connections, the algorithm cuts this number down to a more manageable 300.

For businesses on the social network, the effect of these changes is as yet unknown. A representative for Facebook stated that page reach will most likely vary, which would be down to the “composition of your audience and your posting activity”. As such, quality content would most likely play a much bigger part in firms’ social strategies, especially if fewer posts were being viewed.

Although the algorithm change reiterates the reason why companies should seek specialist help for online campaigns, the modifications may very well prove quite beneficial to the social network’s user experience. As well as more posts, videos and pictures from friends featuring on members’ walls, which it is presumed they would be more interested in viewing, the number of comments from connections on pages that users do not follow will most likely decline.

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