Facebook adds ‘call now’ to mobile adverts

Posted on May 19, 2015


Local marketing on social network Facebook is set to get a boost from a recent change to the way it advertises on handheld devices.

Companies that place ads on the social platform will now be able to take advantage of a button that allows customers to call directly from its posts on the Facebook app. As such, it is hoped it will make it easier for users to contact businesses they see and are interested by, which should help to facilitate their internet marketing efforts.

With the move designed to boost local advertising in particular, a button that gives prospective clients directions to a particular business is also being introduced. This way, if someone is intrigued by the product or service being advertised, they can easily find a route from where they are to the enterprise’s location. This is carried out by the social site launching the smartphone or tablet’s maps or direction-finding applications, combined with the device’s geolocation technology.

It is believed that by decreasing the number of clicks needed for a consumer to find a company’s contact details or physical location, mobile advertisers will see a boost in customers following their businesses, as well as making it more likely that they will carry out a transaction.

Firms using the social platform to carry out internet marketing will be able to pick the call-to-action buttons they want to use for a campaign straight from their Facebook page. The network is also making access to its Facebook Ads analytical software available, so that businesses can judge for themselves how well the new buttons are working.

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