Facebook: a jobseeker’s best friend

Facebook: a jobseeker’s best friend

With Facebook making changes to its interface on a regular basis, it’s easy to see how the latest update, which was introduced just a couple of weeks ago, has gone largely unnoticed.

The social giant now allows each user to post their professional skills to the work and education section of their profile. This has caused many to start comparing the site to LinkedIn, and they may have a point.

By adding the ‘professional skills’ option, Facebook appears to be manoeuvring itself into a position to provide its users the opportunity to make themselves visible for any job opportunities which may become available in their preferred sector.

When a user updates their skills, Facebook links each of them to relevant groups, allowing potential employees to interact with the individual organically. In a way, Facebook is doing the leg-work in the job hunt.

Of course, LinkedIn has prided itself on being able to allow its users to enhance their skills and connect with the right people, but it now seems that Facebook is muscling in on that niche.

The incorporation of elements from other social networks will only enhance the usability and popularity of Facebook.

The fact that profiles are private or restricted doesn’t hinder the impact of the feature as there is the ability to set just the professional skills part of the profile to public, allowing potential employers or other users to get in touch if appropriate.

It is difficult to tell how effective the new section will turn out to be, but it’s certainly interesting to see the social networks borrowing elements from each other in the quest for supremacy.

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