Even Superman slows down for SEO

Even Superman slows down for SEO

What’s faster than a speeding bullet? I’ll give you a clue: it’s not SEO. While search engine optimisation may be as powerful as an electronic locomotive, and many of those SEO experts as humble as Clark Kent, the one thing SEO doesn’t cover in terms of the Man of Steel is his speed. SEO is slow, and many site owners are surprised at this.

A lot of SEO plans are foiled by the dastardly need for speed. Often, by the time rankings are affecting a business, swift measures are required. This is why so many site owners get frustrated with SEO.

So why bother with SEO? This is where the ‘more powerful than a locomotive’ bit comes in. As any site owner who has their optimisation on track knows, SEO can produce more powerful results than other types of internet marketing. Holistic SEO gets results over time, not just when your optimisation consultant is working on it, and the nature of SEO work means that the site improves in general as well. This means you have more chance of attracting a loyal user base, meaning better things for your business.

When it comes to SEO, it’s interesting to note that even Superman has a hard time of it. Perform a search in Google for ‘Superman’ right now and you’ll mostly get information about the 1978 movie and rumours about the upcoming film. The DC Comics Superman home page, which really should be all over Superman, only gets a look-in at the bottom of the top ten.

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