Even SEO’s don’t get content

Even SEO’s don’t get content

This week I was chatting with an SEO at one of the leading SEO companies in the UK about content, and I was staggered to learn that he really didn’t grasp the concept at all. He wondered why websites needed regular updates, and why you can’t just add numerous blog posts or pages to a website at once.

The concept of regularly updated content just passed him by completely, and he’s a professional SEO.

This is why what Stuck On offers is so unique, even the best of the best in the field of search engine optimisation are unable to grasp it, unable to realise the benefits, instead choosing to stick with what they know and add keywords, H1 tags and Title tags… all mixed in with some paid for links of course!

SEO is important, we’ll never tell you otherwise. In fact it’s absolutely essential, as without it your website will only reach a fraction of its potential. More importantly, the correct methods of SEO are important as doing it wrong can hinder your website just as fast as doing it right can help. However, regular content is what’s required to get the rankings and the traffic your website deserves.

Technical Director at Engage Web
Darren is Technical Director at Engage Web, as well as being a co-founder of the company. He takes a hands-on approach to SEO and web design, helped by more than 20 years’ experience in these fields.

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