Establishing trust through writing

Establishing trust through writing

For those wandering around the Internet, there is no guarantee that any website can be trusted. People looking for something in particular usually have only a limited time to find it, and the first words they read can send them scurrying away to the next site or, if a professional content writer has been at work, they might feel comfortable enough to stay.

A website that inspires trust is one that presents everything upfront for visitors. Helpful content explaining exactly where visitors will be taken if a link is clicked, or what will happen next after buying a product, is reassuring for users. The correct wording needs to be used so that nothing is ambiguous, and mistakes in spelling and grammar should be eliminated as these tend to lower confidence.

Visitors appreciate being able to read informative content before they are required to make decisions. It is more convenient to read about shipping charges before buying a product rather than having to complete the checkout process with crossed fingers, hoping that the overall cost will not mean abandoning the purchase.

A site’s policies can nurture trust over time but first of all they must be thoughtfully written in order to encourage readers to believe in them. Successful companies make a point of placing trust in their customers in the expectation that it will be returned, and content should reflect that, maintaining a fair and friendly tone of open communication. The best UK copywriters are able to produce this kind of content with ease.

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