Error filled letter from council classed as Gobbledegook

Error filled letter from council classed as Gobbledegook

A letter issued by Chester West and Chester Council has featured in the gobbledegook column of Private Eye magazine.

The letter was written by a trainee who suffers with dyslexia and has been left distraught after realising that the letter had been sent out containing spelling errors. The letter was supposed to have been checked before being mailed, but somehow slipped the net.

The letter containing two grammatical errors and four spelling mistakes has caused considerable embarrassment, especially to the trainee. The council does not know who sent the letter to Private Eye, but think that had the circumstances been known, they wouldn’t have done so.

The letter was sent to a householder who had asked for assistance with English. Ironically, the council employee sent a reply littered with grammatical and spelling errors. If English isn’t your native language, or you suffer from dyslexia or other impediment you will struggle to create copy that is grammatically correct. As in the case of the council worker, this could cause embarrassment particularly when spelling errors and incorrect use of grammar alter the meanings of phrases. Content outsourcing to a UK copywriting service will guarantee grammatically correct copy to fulfil a need without fear of reprisal.

A website with poor content, or articles that are poorly written can confuse a reader and detracts from the value of the content. Regular submission of fresh, original content will assist your search engine rankings and daily traffic volumes. Grammatically incorrect copy will create a poor image that could end up in the gobbledegook column of Private Eye.

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