Enhanced delivery and returns details introduced to Google Shopping

Enhanced delivery and returns details introduced to Google Shopping

Google is currently planning to release new labels on product listings in Google Shopping. Initially, the labels are to be introduced in the US, with a rollout in the UK and other countries likely should they be a success.

The new labels will enable shoppers to find out if a seller has any shipping or return offers on, and will also allow them to see when they will receive the products, and the timeframe they have if they want to return the product.

The new labels will be released to both free and paid listings, enabling any sellers to utilise the new labels on their shopping listings. Labels will also be added to search results that will also allow sellers to show customers if they offer fast and free shipping.

The below screenshot from Google’s blog shows how the new labels will be shown in search results:


In order to be eligible for the new labels when they are released, a seller would currently have to have the an active Merchant Centre account with products opted into Shopping ads, along with certain produce pages and attributes.

Shipping Annotations

The shipping annotations will enable sellers to easily show customers if they can get products quickly. Prior to the new release, the only annotations available were “fast” and “free”. With the new update, there are now more transparent options like:

– Free Delivery by Mon, Sept 6
– Get it by Sept 6
– Free 2-day shipping

Return Annotations

It is hoped the new return annotations will make shoppers more confident in buying from sellers, as they will be able to clearly see what the return period is – for example, it may show “Free 30 day returns”.

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