Employer rejects job applicants with poor writing skills

Posted on May 30, 2011


One employer, searching for a candidate for a position in her company, stated that she was looking for someone with exceptionally high skills in spelling and grammar, but was to be sorely disappointed. Layla Robinson of Movie Time, specifically stated that grammatical and spelling skills should be of a high level as she wanted to create a professional image for her business. As the successful candidate would be representing her business, it was essential that they knew how to write accurate copy.

Following the placement of the advertisement, Robinson was inundated with applications full of text language and numerous spelling mistakes. Those applications were put to the bottom of the pile immediately. As she had stressed the importance of grammatical and spelling skills, she was amazed at the poor quality of some of the application forms.

Just as a prospective employer won’t even look at an application form which is grammatically incorrect with incorrect spellings, visitors to your website will have a poor first impression if the copy isn’t of a high standard. As the website of a business is often the first port of call for many customers, it’s imperative that the copy is completely original, accurate and grammatically perfect. Content outsourcing is the most cost effective method of providing regular content for your website. The professional writers will have English as their first language, with all articles and copy being edited. A professional copywriting agency have the required skills to create the image you are looking for.

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