Elite Glasgow academy makes surprising error

Posted on October 20, 2011


A large roadside billboard for a select Glasgow school, displayed an advertisement which listed the many benefits of the fee paying school, alongside a glaringly obvious spelling error. Kelvinside Academy, which is situated in the west end of Glasgow, charges fees in excess of £9000 each year, in return for a high standard of education.

The academy had a billboard advertisement which was situated by the road, meaning that passers-by could see the achievements boasted by the school. To have a billboard advert in that area can cost as much as £2000 a month. Unfortunately for Kelvinside Academy, there was also a spelling error which became the main focus. The advert stated that classes were ‘co-eductional’ rather than co-educational. A photographer from the Daily Record in Glasgow spotted the error and unfortunately for the school, captured the mistake for all to see.

The school are proud of their reputation and have a motto which ‘aptly summarises our philosophy’, AIEN APIETEYEIN meaning ‘ever to be the best’. The academy also makes claims on the school website which say:

“will emerge as well rounded, confident individuals-hallmarks of the Kelvinside Academical”

However, the spelling error may cause some concern among parents who will consider the mistake careless, casting doubt on whether spelling is as important as it should be at the school.

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