EE comes out on top of mobile network rankings

EE comes out on top of mobile network rankings

In research conducted into performances of the country’s four big mobile networks, results reveal that Vodafone finished last, with EE coming in first place.

The results were announced to news providers in a report published by mobile measurement company RootMetrics, which has claimed that the study is the “most comprehensive” of its kind to date. The research involved tests on over 840,000 samples during the final months of 2013.

Tests were based on five categories – network reliability, network speed, call performance, mobile internet data and text services, with the four companies being given an overall score out of 100.

EE finished first across all five categories, attaining a score of 84.6. Vodafone’s rating was 52.4 after it came last in all categories, with the exception of network speed. It was found that 3 came second, with a score of 73.5, while 02 came third in the rankings with a rating of 66.5, despite finishing second for network speed and call performance.

The reliability of this study has been questioned, with Vodafone releasing a statement branding the report as inconsistent and stating that it would not:

“[…] take the results of this report seriously and neither should our customers.”

Network coverage is still localised and you could be located in an area where Vodafone ranked first.

RootMetrics attained its test samples across a wide area of variables, including both cities and rural areas, and attempted to “cover all aspects of life and environment”. Its sample size equates to around one in one hundred mobile handsets in the UK.

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