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Digital Marketing for Ecommerce sites

With more people than ever purchasing goods online, operating an ecommerce site has never been more popular. Offering a quick, convenient and secure way to find, order and receive goods at home or at a business premises, online sellers can capitalise on the current buying trend. However, while companies might have the most attractive website and stock high-quality products, digital marketing for ecommerce sites is essential for success.

Ecommerce marketers use a wide range of tools including social media, search engines, digital content and email campaigns to help companies attract visitors to their platform and facilitate more purchases.

At Engage Web, we help businesses running ecommerce sites to tailor their online marketing to reach their target audience. With experience helping companies around Cheshire and beyond, our team use the latest trends and techniques to supply optimised digital marketing for ecommerce sites.


Ecommerce marketing

A wide array of different marketing channels can be united in an ecommerce marketing strategy to achieve specific results. You might want to drive traffic to your online selling platform, promote a new product range or simply build a following for your brand, but regardless, these options will help your further your business ambitions with a thriving ecommerce platform.

Marketing with social media

Social media channels allow enterprises to engage with potential customers and marketers can tailor posts to streamline this approach. Not all social media channels are an ideal fit, and you can waste valuable time, however, digital marketers will pair the products you provide with the ideal platform. For example, customers often purchase items based on visual appeal, which can make channels like Instagram, an image-based form of social media, an ideal option. Using sharp photography and even short videos on social media you can showcase your inventory.

Social media posts can also be shoppable content. This allows visitors to your account to buy straight away. This might include a strategically placed display ad in a social media feed or specific links or tags that will take users right to a shopping cart containing their item. Using social media accounts to accrue product reviews can also be useful. Many online shoppers read up on the experience of others before buying.

Social media also allows you a chance to engage one-to-one with customers or give them insight into how you operate so you never appear like a faceless selling platform like many others.

Marketing through content

High-quality content is a vital digital marketing tool for ecommerce platforms. Creating videos and blogs that answer industry questions can lead customers to your platform and marketer can help you optimise all content on your site. This will include tailoring your product pages with short but informative descriptions featuring product-driven keywords, so they show up in searches and drive traffic to your platform. Making sure keywords are included in page titles, image alt text and header which are all crawled by search engines is also essential.

While keywords are crucial, quality is now equally important. Writing relevant blog posts and creating video that supplies useful information about the sector you serve can help you become an authority in your industry. As a result, your site will grow in popularity and be trusted as a place to shop.

Guest blog posts can help you and the products you provide get in front of ideal customers while building domain authority for your site.

Marketing using search engines

Search engine marketing involves both paid advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Digital marketers use their understanding of Google’s everchanging ranking algorithm to optimise content for ecommerce platforms, helping them rank highly and be encountered by more users searching for their products. Paid advertising like pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, product-specific ad campaigns and display campaigns, however, enable ecommerce sites to pay for the top spots and higher visibility on the result’s pages of popular search facilities like Google.

On Google, a PPC campaign can guarantee that prospective buyers will view a link to your ecommerce site’s page if they enter specific search terms that are a match for those of your campaign.

As a result, savvy ecommerce marketers usually register with Google AdWords, promoting their product pages through PPC campaigns. Such campaigns put searchers in front of your product when they click on a result, increasing the chance that the user will purchase before they leave your site.

Marketing with emails

Among the oldest types of digital marketing for ecommerce sites, email marketing offers significant value to enterprises selling online. One of the most useful aspects of email marketing is that it can always be automated. This level of automation enables you to release marketing emails to your subscribers based on their interest but also at different stages of the buying journey.

Ideal for smaller operations, automated email marketing is labour and timesaving, however, to be effective marketing email content must be cleverly crafted. With an understanding of your products and brand image, experience digital marketers can create marketing emails that promote what you offer and encourage engagement and sales from subscribers. Emails can highlight limited offers or draw attention to products which perfectly accompany prior purchases of your customers.

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Do you require an expert digital marketing agency for your ecommerce enterprise?

Providing digital marketing for ecommerce sites from our base in Ellesmere Port, our team at Engage Web has the skillset you need. A full-service digital marketing agency, we can create a tailored marketing campaign for your online selling operation to suit specific aims of your business.

You might be a brand-new business wanting to raise awareness of your ecommerce site or an existing enterprise looking to increase site traffic to drive sales or highlight a new line of products, but whatever your goal is, you can rely on us for strong support.

We work closely with the clients we serve to create personalised digital marketing solutions which ideally suit their aims. By combining the techniques and tools above we ensure that you are maximising the potential of the latest digital marketing methods. Get in touch today to explore how we can help.

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