Earning money through content

Earning money through content

We all know that by adding content to your website you’re improving your website’s chances of ranking with the search engines, but did you know that you can also earn money from your content? By adding regular, well written and relevant content to your website you’re creating pages that can be indexed by search engines, will be read by people, and can serve ads for them to click on – earning you money.

You can use various ad server websites, such as Google’s own Adsense, or Text Link Ads, or even Yahoo have a system. This allows you to place code on your website that will automatically serve adverts onto your page, giving you the chance to earn revenue from every click that someone makes on your ads. The more content you write, the more ads you’ll end up serving.

You can even dictate the sort of adverts that will show up in Adsense by optimising your content for specific keywords. For example, if your website is about electrical goods, by writing about televisions and using a specific model of a Sony LCD TV, you’ll receive ads for that model from different retailers. When someone clicks on that ad, you’ll get paid.

Content can earn you money as well as traffic.

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