Don’t over sweeten your SEO

Don’t over sweeten your SEO

Nigella LawsonIt’s often difficult for people to get a good grasp of what SEO is all about. When they start SEO for the first time, they tend to go all out, putting everything they can think of in terms of techniques onto their pages. This results in pages that are stuffed full of obvious SEO techniques, and also usually results in low, low rankings.

In this, SEO is much like the beginnings of cooking. When inexperienced cooks first start to create, they tend to throw everything in. Like carrots? Throw in a few extras! Enjoy sweet treats? Why not add an extra half-cup to the recipe? As anyone who’s gone through the process knows, adding everything you can to a concoction is not likely to get you a good result.

If you want to achieve search engine optimisation cordon bleu, it pays to take a few pages out of a professional chef’s book. No chef can reach their position without learning that you never, ever throw everything you have into a recipe. Nothing ruins a good meal more swiftly than tossing the excess ingredients in on a whim, and the same is true for SEO.

So why not just tip everything into the pot? While an imperfectly balanced dish may just taste bad, an over-optimised page on a website can get you into real trouble with the search engines, who look out for signs of obvious manipulation by SEO experts.

When whipping up your own SEO recipes, try to remember that more elements aren’t necessarily helpful. Don’t add too much sugar.

  • Such a good analogy! In Australia, we call a meal like that “kitchen sink” because you throw everything in it except the kitchen sink lol. It rarely turns out well though!

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