Don’t let your site play chicken

Don’t let your site play chicken

Question: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Come on, you know the answer. It’s ‘To get to the other side.’ When it comes to your SEO plan, though, you shouldn’t be aiming just to get to the other side.

A lot of sites fall into a slump because their search engine optimisation plan isn’t tailored to their needs. Wandering across the road because other sites have done so isn’t the best way to get the most out of your SEO. However, this happens to a lot of businesses who don’t research or plan enough before their initial SEO.

A few of the areas from which such plans tend to come from include:

*SEO marketers. It’s not that common, but sometimes you will find an SEO marketer who pushes a cookie-cutter solution onto a client. Being wary and asking questions can keep you out of this situation.

*Your own bad habits. Businesses are usually pressed for time, and online businesses are doubly so. A lot of bad marketing habits can creep in. Reassessment of your marketing plan should be one of your SEO jobs. This will ensure that your eventual optimisation plan truly pushes your business forward, rather than placing you at the top of a search list you can’t profit from.

Don’t let your site play chicken when it comes to search engine traffic. Wandering across the road won’t suffice if your particular chicken needs to walk all over the Wirral. Design a plan for search engine optimisation that answers your needs, not the needs of outside influences.

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