Don’t let your link building crash and burn

Posted on July 5, 2011


Let me just say this: Icarus was an idiot. The boy who flew too close to the sun, ignoring the warnings of his inventor father, Daedalus, could have avoided tragedy if he had just been a little more prepared. Unfortunately, he neither inherited his dear old pater’s intelligence nor heard his warnings, and plunged to a grisly death when his wax-held wings melted.

The story of Daedalus and Icarus may be just a myth, but like all myths there is a message contained therein. This one is not only a warning against hubris, but a warning about lack of preparation.

A lot of link building campaigns for search engine optimisation crash and burn in the same way. Insufficiently prepared, the site owners launch out into the void of link potentialities. They fly close to the hot sites they’re targeting, but the wings of their campaign aren’t sturdy enough, and the whole thing falls in a heap.

Admittedly, Daedalus and Icarus had limited resources to prepare their escape plan. The owners of failed link building plans can’t say the same thing. They fail to prepare their landing pages, don’t have content ready to offer in exchange for links, allow site crashes to interfere and generally fail to plan before they act. Link target lists are decimated by this lack of preparation, putting potential linkers off permanently and sending the whole thing crashing into the Liverpool Canal.

Preparation is key to all SEO jobs. Without it, you’re flying on wings secured with a fairly inferior adhesive substitute.

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