Don’t keyword-stuff your content

Don’t keyword-stuff your content

Too many times now, we have seen clients who attempt to write their own content, but do it so badly that it is a complete waste.

One of the most common mistakes is to stuff your favourite keywords, the ones you really want to rank for, everywhere humanly possible within the articles – in the title, every other sentence and in the closing sentence.

The most likely result of this continued keyword-stuffing is the exact opposite to the true intention of your actions.  You are likely to get yourself penalised for those keywords and put off any potential customers at the same time.  Google, just like a human reader, recognises spammy content when it sees it.

Just write naturally.  Sometimes, this may even mean you write a whole article without even mentioning your favourite keywords, but that isn’t a bad thing either.  Keep it natural and keep it useful and valuable and good rankings will come your way.

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