Don’t forget carpe diem in your SEO

Don’t forget carpe diem in your SEO

Seize the day‘ is one of those sayings that has made the rounds so many times that it’s lost any real meaning. At some point in your mind, perhaps, you’ve thought that seizing the day was good idea, but ultimately it’s impractical for everyday living. On the Internet however, it’s not only practical, it’s vital.

One of the major adjustments businesses have to make when it comes to their SEO plan is the speed at which they have to move. Although search engine optimisation is a long-term process, you have to move swiftly in order to keep up with your competition. The myriad small, speedy moves you make are those that will boost you slowly and surely up the search engine ladder.

Here are some of the ways you should be seizing the day:

  • Turnaround of content. This is possibly the most important seizing of the day. A blog entry when you have time is not sufficient for SEO. One of the biggest SEO jobs you’ll have to do is regular, steady content. Once a day is the frequency for most industries, but it does depend on what your competitors are doing. If your main competitor is adding dozens of great quality articles to their site everyday then, in order to compete in the search engines with them, you have to compete on the content front too.
  • New ideas. More businesses are trying to attract Google News attention. If your competitors appear, you need to be doing so as well.
  • Checking in. Most site owners will check in with their rankings daily, but few take the time to check in with their industry. Keeping tabs on your competitors is a daily task.
  • Begin SEO now. It’s never too soon to start your SEO. You know, seize the day and all that!

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