Don’t be Speedy Gonzales with your SEO

Don’t be Speedy Gonzales with your SEO

Speedy Gonzales
Speedy Gonzales

The Internet is a fast place. Things happen really quickly. When you act like Speedy Gonzales, though, all you end up doing is running into quicksand.

Speedy Gonzales, the Warner Bros Looney Tunes creation, always flummoxed the hungry Sylvester the cat when the latter tried to have him for lunch. What Tweety Bird did with cuteness and wit, Speedy did with, well, speed. In the cartoons, there was nothing that Speedy couldn’t outrun.

If a website chooses to act like the speedy little Mexican mouse, though, it means certain doom with the Google. This is because the search engines, unlike cartoon-watching children, know how things work in reality. Mice don’t run at the speed of sound, and websites don’t acquire links and popularity overnight – at least they don’t do it ethically.

The story of Speedy Gonzales and the quicksand goes like this. Speedy the Website, helped by SEO, sprints past his competitors, boosted by paid links and various other nefarious search engine optimisation techniques. Google however is monitoring him and, deciding there’s something suspicious about his speed, dumps him into their sandbox, where he remains until he begins to act more naturally.

SEO professionals know that unnatural speed is a killer, and avoid it. Google knows that it usually takes time to build up connections on the net. For those rare occasions that result in ‘instant’ popularity, there are a few outward signs, such as buzz around the social networking websites that is hard to fake. Google knows how popularity moves. Businesses need to learn how to curb impatience and slow down, as shouting ‘Arriba Arriba’ at your SEO company and expecting the fastest links in all Mexico is not going to help your website’s rankings.

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