Don’t be short-sighted with keywords

Don’t be short-sighted with keywords

Researching your keywords is one of the earliest and most important stages in your search engine optimisation campaign. Of all the possible words in the English language that internet users can use to describe your business, you need to narrow down a list of one or two. It’s important however, not to narrow down your list too far.

Narrowing your keyword list down to one or two words may seem logical if you’re only optimising two pages, but it might not serve your site as well as having a thorough keyword list. Even if you limit the scope of your optimisation campaign, it’s important to include a number of related keywords in your list. Your main keyword targets need to be supported by these words.

When researching your keywords, it’s likely that you will come up with a large number of related terms. Once keywords of the appropriate competitive level have been selected as your main targets, it’s time to research the best keywords to support your campaign. Related keywords might include some terms that you wouldn’t naturally think of, including slang terms that your site’s users might use. A search engine optimisation company can be a big help when performing keyword research, as they have access to sophisticated tools, but looking around places on the net where your target users dwell can also give you some good ideas.

Any company approaching SEO will have a set of boundaries to work within, whether they are boundaries of time, of business resources, or of scope. If you’re using an optimisation company, your SEO will obviously be restricted by time and your budget. A lot of companies let these constraints restrict their optimisation campaign a little too far, narrowing their focus to only their home page’s optimisation where really they would be better optimising three or four main pages so it is important to find a company that will look at the bigger picture.

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