Does SEO cover the cracks in your website?

Does SEO cover the cracks in your website?

SEO companies are usually hired by website owners because their website isn’t ranking well within Google. They want to rank higher for their chosen keywords in order to receive more traffic, win more business and earn more money.

It’s a simple numbers game, one where more visitors should equate to more profit.

However it’s not always that simple. Often, simply improving your rankings isn’t enough to turn your website into a roaring success. After all, Google is a very clever at what it does, and if it’s not ranking your website, the chances are it’s for a good reason.

When an SEO looks at a website and optimises it, is he just papering over the cracks of the website? Sometimes an SEO will just perform the onpage work, change the Title tags, onpage text and links etc to get the site to rank a little higher, leaving out some fundamental aspects of why the website wasn’t working in the first place.

SEO may be able to fool Google (in the short term) that a website is worth ranking, but it can’t fool a user into actually buying from the website. This is why so many people who hire a professional SEO don’t achieve the ROI that they’re looking for. The SEO can get their website rankings, leading their horse to water, but the darned horse just won’t drink!

This is why you should ensure that your SEO isn’t preoccupied with rankings above all else. Covering the cracks of your website with some half decent listings won’t help you increase your profits.

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