Does opinionated content belong on a company website?

Does opinionated content belong on a company website?

Rant and be heardI read an article on the blog of a local Cheshire SEO company recently that advised people to avoid adding opinionated content to their websites. The blog itself was a guide on writing content for your own website, and most of what it said made good sense, except for the part where it quite clearly said to be careful about ranting on your own website because anyone can read it.

Now, while it’s true that you don’t want to publish your daily gripes and annoyances on your company’s website, by removing any opinionated content from your site you’re merely stripping your content down to the bare bones, being left with nothing more than a ‘vanilla’ flavour. This is arguably worse than adding the most opinionated, close to the wire content that you can, because flavourless, ‘safe’ content isn’t going to entice anyone into reading it – and it certainly isn’t going to attract any links (which is one of the major benefits of using content for SEO in the first place.

Rather than playing it safe and adding the same old dry, humourless, posts to your website every day, you need to inject some fresh blood into it. Make your content stand out from the (very large) crowd and grab people by the ears before rubbing their face in what you write.

Angry Homer

This applies to any industry too, as no matter in which industry your business is involved, you can still find areas that people disagree on, areas for discussion, debate and revolution (not the political kind, we don’t need to go that far). By injecting a little of yourself into your website’s content you’re making your website more personable which, in this faceless digital age, will mark you out from your competitors.

Be bold, be opinionated and let your website reap the rewards.

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