Do you like the content of your website?

Do you like the content of your website?

Does it matter if a website owner likes the content on their site? SEO copywriters have put the words there to do a job, to inform and attract visitors, and to enable the website to be picked up by search engines. If the content of the site is being renewed regularly, is fresh and valuable, one might be tempted to think it does not matter whether the owner enjoys it or not.

Sometimes the website owner is completely different from the people who use the site. Imagine a website selling a new kind of wool that changes colour by itself. This is owned by a dashing young entrepreneur, but the typical customer is an elderly knitter with a sense of adventure. In this case, the needs of the entrepreneur and the customer may not coincide when it comes to the way they prefer to read about the merits of wool. One might prefer graphs showing how well the wool sells worldwide, while the other wants to know how it knits up into a stylish cardigan.

What is worrying is if content is too dull for the website owner to care to read it, as this will also discourage the intended audience and affect SEO in the long term. Visitor numbers will decrease and fewer people will link to the site. If the work of one’s chosen content writers does not appeal, it is probably worth investigating why. If the reason is a negative one, a new SEO copywriter might be required.

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