Do SEOs do enough with content?

Do SEOs do enough with content?

I’ve been speaking with an old colleague who’s looking to land a senior SEO role in London.

He knows all about SEO strategy, all about on-page, all about all those things you really need to know from a top-down, strategy standpoint to help any company do much better online.

Now, he’s been a journalist for more than 10 years and an SEO for just a few. From my perspective, that makes him absolutely perfect for this type of role. Yes, he’s maybe not as experienced in years as other rival candidates but the fact that he writes some of the best web content — and lots of it — makes him overwhelmingly the best man for the job.

Why? The single percentage advantage that a more “experienced” SEO might give in optimisation over him is massively outweighed by my friend’s use of words and pages to structure the most solid and entertaining of websites.

This is something that the SEO world currently doesn’t embrace as it should, and that’s a shame. In the future, Heads of Web Content will be just as important as Heads of SEO, for small companies as well as the big guns.

It really is about time that large companies see content as a key part of the structure of their online business and not just as something that can be bought in. The truth is that content is already a major part of SEO and swells in its importance to Google by the hour.

So, do today’s SEOs do enough with content? Not really, most don’t see it as an important part of their job. However, those companies with SEOs that do understand (and embrace) the value of good content always seem to perform best in the search engines. Strange that.

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