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Digital Marketing for Ecommerce sites

Statistics show that more than half the world are now online creating vast audiences that IT firms can access with digital marketing.

However, digital marketing for IT companies can also help to spread word of services within your local area, region or across the county or country. Digital marketing approaches are constantly updating, so it’s essential to ensure you’re taking advantage of the latest tools, techniques and tactics available.

At Engage Web, our team have up-to-date knowledge of digital marketing for IT companies, and can help our clients build a loyal customer base and drive business growth.


What does digital marketing involve?

Put simply, the term digital marketing refers to an online marketing strategy.

Under this umbrella term, there are many channels that can help you connect with your ideal audience, raise awareness of what you offer, and promote the products and services you supply. Examples can include company emails, social media, search engines, online ads, blogs, websites and landing pages.

Virtual marketing is now the new normal, with digital content widely regarded as a critical tool to achieve marketing success. However, as customers interact with digital content differently from traditional marketing messages, tailoring your strategy to suit a virtual approach is vital.

For instance, digital marketing is a more interactive experience than conventional marketing methods. Users can now click on links for more product information, view demonstrations of IT products and services, and talk to a chatbot about options while watching marketing content as part of an immersive interaction.

However, to be effective and capitalise on this advanced marketing approach, you must be aware of who your target customer is and their needs. As a result, you can personalise your digital marketing campaign for greater success.

Digital marketing options for IT companies

While an ideal audience for your services might always be online, you may be wondering how you can reach them specifically with your marketing efforts. Below we’ll take a detailed look at some of the practical ways that your firm can use digital marketing to get attention from businesses or individual customers interested in IT services or products.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Over half of all users’ online experiences starts with them using a popular search engine, like Google.

Essentially, the higher your IT firm rank in the engine’s search results, the greater visibility it has to potential customers. However, an added benefit of being high up in the search results is how users will see your company. A high ranking has become synonymous with reliability, casting your company in a positive light with prospective clients.

SEO marketing is crucial to high rankings. While using keywords that call out your company’s area of expertise is still a valid approach, alone it is not enough.

As well as including well-selected and well-placed keywords, your content must also deliver quality to users. Popular approaches to creating quality content include answering IT questions and offering helpful information, while adding well-researched statistics that support your statements.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a popular approach for IT companies seeking to self-promote, as it allows them to reach their target audience in an affordable way.

It involves raising awareness and reaching people through carefully curated digital content like blog posts, visual media and downloads.

For instance, you might post an in-depth blog regarding the latest trends in IT to establish your company as an authority in the industry, or upload video content explaining the IT products and services you offer. This can be used to address pain points experienced by customers, and will help them feel they are being considered and listened to.

Social media

Billions of people are now using social media across the globe, making it a powerful digital marketing tool.

These channels allow you to involve your target audience with your marketing via comments, posts and live videos for a personalised experience. It also enables you to make more intimate connections with your customers by sharing an inside look into your IT company, which can help humanise your brand and build an authentic business image.

There are a wide range of different social media platforms to choose from, but using a scatter gun approach is never advised. Marketers can assess your products and services, and recommend the best social media channels to use that suit them, ensuring you never waste time and money where your message won’t be well received.

Email campaigns

Today, there is no shortage of ways for companies and individual consumers to communicate and connect with your IT company, but email still ranks highly as a leading option.

Many customers feel safe using email to communicate, not only because it is familiar, but because it provides a written record of correspondence they can refer to later.

When users subscribe to your IT company’s mailing list, you can use marketing emails to issue regular company updates, offer special promotions for loyal customers, and announce sales and discounts on your services for a limited time.

As well as driving engagement and sales, email campaigns are also an efficient way to keep your IT brand front and centre in the minds of your customers.

Paid advertising

Using paid advertisements can offer a significant return on investment (ROI) and can raise the profile of your IT company considerably.

When employed as part of a wider campaign, it can enable you to put your products and services in front of your target customers. However, there are a wide range of different ad options available, and each ad must be tailored to connect with your consumers.

Digital marketers can help IT companies design ads and choose the most suitable option to get the desired result. They can also provide effective reporting to assess how effective the campaign is through detailed metrics.

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